Goodbye to the Tropics 😢

Sunday 26th May 2019

Preparations in full swing, Rick scrubbing a very furry prop

As we lifted the anchor today and headed towards the marina to prepare to leave tomorrow it occurred to me that, rather sadly, this may be the last time we ever anchor Raya. Our next destinations, Horta in the Azores and then the South Coast of England will most likely have us tied up in marinas for the rest of the trip, our trusty anchor unneeded. By strange coincidence, while I play about with the possibility of writing a book of our adventures, I was just yesterday writing down my thoughts about our very first night at anchor, off the coast of Portugal as we sailed towards the Mediterranean.

Where on earth have the last four years gone?

Since our arrival in the Caribbean we have found ourselves trying to absorb the details of everything we love about our tropical watery life, fixing them into our memories to be conjured, at will, to brighten dreary November days.

Stunning tropical colours in the BVI

Not just the incredible events we have been honoured to experience but also the small every day things, like the feeling you get when, sweaty and hot, you jump over the side into the water, it’s delicious silky coolness enveloping you. The anticipation of what might be revealed today as you dip your head into the magical underwater world whose sights rarely let you down. Or the spectacular shows of the seabirds as they swoop and dive or dance above your heads. And the kaleidoscope of colours of the fish and the coral, the burnt oranges and baby pinks of the sunsets and the turquoise of shallow seas.

How can I live without that turquoise.

Not sure who this chap is but his home is a colourful mini reef

It’s difficult to imagine living without these things, however, I have recently caught myself contemplating other aspects of our life and thinking how nice it would be to wear perfume rather than insect repellent out to dinner, how great it would be to have a fridge full of green vegetables and what a luxury it would be to be able to flush the toilet paper.

So perhaps this is a good time to be leaving this life while our tolerance of the inconveniences, the price we pay to enjoy these things, is still high.

Thursdays sunset

You can track our homebound route through our Yellow Brick tracker, found at

8 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Tropics 😢

  1. Exchange the turquoise for the beautiful lush fertile soft green that is in abundance around corner in the Uk today !
    We are waiting for you …..
    Safe journey Sxxxx

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  2. Good luck you two on your return to your ‘homeland’ UK.
    We will miss your Blog and Geography lessons around the world. We have learnt so much, thanks to you guys.
    ‘A Toast to Raya’ and it’s crew.
    Fond wishes
    Len & Diane xx

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  3. For you, ( and let’s be frank, a liitle bit for us!), we feel your sadness too. But can’t wait to be able to see you on demand, rather than having to cross oceans to get to see you and soon we won’t have to cope with the perils of a time lag on the line. Bin voyages Mrs amies!! Xxxxx

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  4. I am happy to be with you again and to track you Home What a four years you have had we are all full of photo and blogs How can we forget the journey you have had over the last 4 years and the pleasure you have given us all Have a pleasant sail home and I hope we have a wonderful summer Love and best wishes bet and Doug x

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