Passing the time in Lagos

Where to next?


The World may be our Oyster, but our Oyster has a deep draft, so some of the more shallow marinas and anchorages are off limits. Added to that we are trying to work out the best places for our friends and family to join us over the next couple of weeks, carefull planning is required.

We have been kicking our heals in Lagos, waiting for an engineer to look at our freezer. It died on us almost as soon as we left Southampton and typically as soon as he arrived, we switched it on and it began to work perfectly. The problem now is whether, having lost all its contents once, to risk refilling it or not.

To pass the time we have been enjoying the great beaches, swimming and walking. I was surprised to spot all these common plants we attempt to grow in our moist, fertile soil, growing wild in the sand dunes. It certainly makes you wonder why we spend a fortune on compost and fertiliser!?


4 thoughts on “Passing the time in Lagos

  1. Glad to hear your news I do feel a little envious A nice swim would go down very well I ,Hope the fridge has been sorted & the next stage goes as well as your previous ones Eddy & I have lost you on our screens so WE assume you are still in Lagos.All the very best good sailing. doug

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