Flying flags, storks and laundry

We are currently moored in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Real Club Nautica (Royal Yacht club). As members ourselves of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club we can fly a Blue Ensign instead of the normal red one. We are not really into the minefield that is flag etiquette but with our red flag fraying badly and in need of repair we have been discussing using it. As we now find ourselves tied up, on show, right outside the restaurant and bar of the Real Club Nautico, where by the amount of flags around they obviously are into such things, we decided to put it up and as it turns out it does looks rather good, dare I note – that it really goes well with the blue color scheme. 

We wandered into town and again flags were on display everywhere. Below is the cathedral where flags were not the only thing flying. If you look very carefully at the turrets you will see numerous storks that have built their nests precariously on the spires and statues.

Back at the boat we discovered one disadvantage of our mooring here. Something that at home I hardly even thought about, turns out to be a real mission on the boat, the laundry. Despite Ricks kind efforts to wear just one T shirt for as long as humanly possible, it still builds up. So every couple of marinas we visit we have the delight of spending hours and Euros in the laundry facilities. We do have a small washing machine onboard but not a tumble dryer and Rick takes some persuading to let me hang it out over the boat. Here in our prominent position in the marina even I agree that we couldn’t really cover the decks and rigging with our freshly washed bedding – luxury yacht or Chinese laundry?

5 thoughts on “Flying flags, storks and laundry

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