Time for another adventure

In true sell up and sail tradition we are selling the house, packing away our belongings and saying goodbye to our life in the UK, to set sail on our yacht Raya. She is an Oyster 56 and we have spent the past few months readying her to take us around the world. I am writing this blog to record our exploits as the journey progresses. Welcome aboard.

The Crew

Rick – The eternal optimist and master mender of things, fulfilling his dream of sailing off into the sunset.

Roz – The organiser (do I hear mumblings of control freak). Excited about the adventures ahead and hoping to upgrade her sailing resume from “spent a lot of time sitting on boats” to “apprentice salty sea dog”.

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    • Hi Andy and Gina
      How exciting, we must keep in touch, hope your refit is going well and not breaking the bank quite as much as ours is! Raya (formely Purusha, you may have met her in your yacht search) is in Southampton and we hope to relaunch next month. If you are ever down that way we should get together to compare notes, or contact us here if you think there is anything we might be able to help with, the refit has certainy been a steep learnng curve.


      • Sorry we picked this up a bit late to wave. Heading up to Bunderberg, then further north and on to Indonesia. Have a great evening.


  1. Hi Roz,
    Yes we must, and exchange notes. We are always learning about systems and do’s and dont’s on our yacht. We’re having solar panels and wind turbines installed on a large stern ‘goal post’ arrangement the rest of the refit is generally maintenance that has not been carried out. New sails, new standing and running rigging, seals and bearings, some electronics and navigation upgrades. And what are you doing to your 56?
    We’re going to leaving Ipswich on or around the 8th June heading for Gibralta via Portsmouth. Then a little time in the Med before heading for Las Palmas for the ARC. We are then embarking on the World ARC. What are your plans after the ARC?


    • Amongst other things we have also replaced standing and running rigging, are in the middle of updating the electronics, skimmed the teak deck and sealed some major leaks from the hatches and the chain plates. Also had to replaced both heads, all the pipes and both black water tanks, as they turned out to be completely blocked, lovely!
      Would be interested in how you are getting on with your solar panels, we are currently looking at the Watt and Sea Hydrogenerater but also thinking about solar panels for when at anchor but think our stern is a bit too crowded already, as well as the Davits we are having a coms dome and pole.
      Our plan is to leave Southampton end of April/beginning of May, heading for the Med, then on to the Canaries for the ARC. We will also head for the Pacific but planning to do it independently as we want to go a bit slower than the World ARC allows, then on to New Zealand and then who knows?!


  2. Hi, we are having a tilting 600W bank of 4 solar panels fitted and two wind turbines. That should give us enoug power for all our time at sea. If you let me have your email I can email the design we are going for. We also have a problem with one of the heads but I think it’s only a pump replacement.
    We have gone with MailaSail for the comms.
    It would be good to meet and compare notes. Are you based in Southampton. We are in Norfolk.
    We are attending the March seminar in Guildford are you?


  3. Morning you two. If we can help in anyway with what you may need, what works and what does not then please just ask. We have been living aboard and sailing for the last 5 years.
    We have just had a solar arch made and I am fitting it as we speak. If you want any pictures just ask. Getting it made here is Sicily as opposed to the UK has saved us a few thousand.


  4. Richard – Great to meet you this afternoon at Stella Maris — its a small world that we share so many connected family friends — You would be very welcome to come join us for supper or drinks one evening if you want to escape the refit “chaos” — we are only a 30-40 minute drive away. Chris – Postremo 56/24

    Of course that includes Roz too

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  5. Rick/Roz, Hi, myself and my wife Teresa have a 44 Moody based at Shamrock Quay and we are signed up to take part in the ARC 15 & WARC 16. We are also in the middle of a refit and it would be great to catch up some time. Steve & Teresa


  6. Roz,

    No. Jobs at the house this weekend. I’m coming down Wednesday afternoon & night to look at water makers, solar panels and mooring fee’s.
    Then I think both Teresa and I will be down next weekend



  7. Rick, Roz,
    I have been contacted by a colleague and fellow Cruising Instructor who would be interested in helping you out in May for the first part of your journey. Please let me know if this is still a requirement; if it is then please also let me know how you would like to contact him / him contact you.

    Stuart (Khaleesi)


  8. Dear Roz
    sorry to be the boring accountant but the annual return for 2016 needs to be submitted
    to companies house and I do not know if you wish to retain the company
    please advise
    ]david field


  9. Roz, I just recently started following along and have been enjoying the view of some places I may never get to myself! Do you have a map of your travels posted anywhere? I haven’t been able to find one and am curious. Thanks!


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