Cleaning the Hull

It has been brought to my attention that in the last post rather than ‘we’ washed the last of the Southampton grime from the hull it should read ‘Duncan despite the heat, unstable platform and meagre support from other members of the crew, boldly scrubbed the hull for hours to remove’ the last of the Southampton grime from the hull. I take sole responsibility for the contents of this blog and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or distress my mistake may have caused. 

11 thoughts on “Cleaning the Hull

  1. Love reading your blogs and following your progress Roz and Richard – you must be so proud of yourselves – first 1000 is definitely a big achievement! Keep writing and thanks for the extra photos ! Xxx

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  2. Really enjoying your blogs – keep it up and keep up the photos! What a way to visit and see all these countries! Do you think you will be in Crete in September? Love to you both xx

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    • Hi Jill, no we won’t get as far as Crete we will be sailing to the Canary Islands in September to prepare for the Atlantic crossing in November. Hope all well your end. X


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