A Confusion of Roz and Ricks

We have had some problems summoning each other this week, our friends Eric and Rosamund, commonly known as Rick and Roz are onboard, so there has been a lot of “Roz” , “Yes”, ” No the other Roz”. But we seem to be communicating okay and Roz brings with her other talents, she has been cutting and coloring my hair brilliantly for years and I have been holding out for her visit for weeks.

Open air hair salon

They arrived in Palma on Saturday and keen to show them the fantastic scenery on the North Coast we headed straight for Cala Foradada – the hole in the wall cove. On our previous visits the Cala has been very quiet, the sea is perfect and the cliffs spectacular, there are no roads, no beach, no buildings. So we were surprised to find  Seawolf a 190ft motor yacht anchored there when we arrived and even more surprised to be joined by the 450ft motor yacht Rising Sun during the evening, Google tells us she is the eleventh largest Superyacht in the world. The next morning yet another huge motor yacht arrived, the 230ft Tallisman. What on earth was going on? What or where around Foradada is there we mere mortals don’t know about?

Rising sun and Tallisman

Not invited to what ever this exclusive event was, we sailed on to the far north east corner of the Island. The sea was quite choppy and the first Cala we entered, we decided, was very pretty but too uncomfortable to stay, we motored a couple of miles further down the coast but the next bay was similar, we considered bringing our sail to Menorca forward to the night instead of the next morning but there was very little wind. In the end we motored accross to the far side of Bahia de Pollensa where it was more sheltered. 

In the morning we had a better opportunity to appreciate where we were, Cala del Pinar, was another quiet, pretty cove. The land ashore belonged to the  military and off limits to civilians but not to the booted eagle that flew over us and then stood perched on a branch drying himself for most of the morning. A shaggy fellow, about eighteen inches tall, with a white coloured breast and speckled thrush like back and wings.

We were glad we had waited until the morning for the thirty mile crossing to Menorca, the wind was blowing F3-4 on the beam, a great sail. Eric is joining us for the ARC and we had been discussing swimming off the boat mid-Atlantic and how scary that might feel, so living for the moment we thought we would try it. As we approached the Menorcan coast the wind had died and so we heaved-to (a method of backing the sails to stop the boat). Not quite mid-ocean, just three miles off Menorca and not 1000’s of metres deep just 67, but still, not the beach. The boat was drifting at about half a knot and we were surprised how quick that appeared when you tried to swim towards it and yes, Jo Robinson, it did cross my mind what might be lurking in the depths beneath my feet. Then to maintain British heaved-to tradition we made a cup of tea, bringing very puzzled expressions from a couple of passing Spanish yachts.

Cliffs on the Northern coast of Menorca are much lower and softer than the ones we have come from and the anchorages full of sailing rather than motor boats, so everywhere has a gentler feel. We are currently anchored in Puerto de Fornells. A small seaside town of white cubed buildings, inside a deep inlet, full of yachts. 


There is a busy sailing club here and we spent an entertaining afternoon, between hair cuts, watching laser dingies racing and capsizing in the brisk breeze. Everywhere we have been in Spain, from A Coruna to the here in the Balearics, we have seen youngsters sailing in all conditions, the British sailing team may need to look out in a few years time.

9 thoughts on “A Confusion of Roz and Ricks

    • Realised only possible if you have space to swing differently than everybody else if in a crowd. Actually Sunday night it was just plain choppy until we found the Cala tucked away some how in the right direction.

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  1. Raya must have felt tiny against the super yachts! We hope the other Rick and Roz have enjoyed their time on (and off) board and that he has passed the crew test ready for the transatlantic leg!

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  2. Thanks for the excellent blog again.

    We just missed each other. I was at Mahón Menorca yesterday but flew back to the UK last night after joining Cookelu Meu from Athens. I pick up the voyage, probably on mainland Spain, in September. Menorca looks lovely, not least from the pilot book photos.

    Cookelu Mau is now at Cala Magrana, Majorca after an overnight passage.

    In Mahón we arrived at 2 a.m. without a pilot book at the time, looking for somewhere to anchor; we could see no other boats at anchor but eventually selected a site off a Marina pontoon near a narrow channel. We awoke at daylight as a cruise ship, over 10 stories high, squeezing through the narrow channel – a good decision not to anchor in there!  We bought two pilot books first thing…. we were unable to find any in Italy.

    Regards, Peter.

    From:”Raya” Date:Thu, 6 Aug, 2015 at 15:52 Subject:[New post] A Confusion of Rick’s and Roz’s

    Roz posted: “We have had some problems summoning each other this week, our friends Eric and Rosamund, commonly known as Rick and Roz are onboard, so there has been a lot of “Roz” , “Yes”, ” No the other Roz”. But we seem to be communicating okay and Roz brings with he”

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  3. Morning me heartys! We awake to an horizon of a different hue this morning..it may be green and full of trees but I m quite sure they’re moving gently up and down and there’s a lovelyreassuring slip slap of water against a hull coming from somewhere!. Rick has just said he s cold despite being wrapped in a duvet for the first time in a week and despite there being clear blue sky and a promise of 28 degrees today!
    Hopefully the forecast high winds for you at Mahon weren’t too challenging for the anchorage last night but I bet you’ll have had little sleep none the less just keeping watch. Thanks again for a fabulous week. Ricky (that’s Smithy) declared at the beginning of our week it would be life changing. As I write, I think he be right…! Take care xx


    • Interesting few hours in the night blowing hard, Rick stayed up until it dropped at about 2am. Our end everyone mostly in control but over on the other side there was intermittent shouting and activity. It was lovely to have you both, look forward to the next time. X


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