Fabulous Fireworks

Monday 1st January 2018


Well the Sydney New Year celebrations certainly lived up to all the hype. They culminated in a spectacular fifteen minute show, with fireworks, every colour of the rainbow, filling the sky. The bridge featured at the heart of the display, with five barges spread either side along the harbour all lighting up in unison. Despite the many boats in front of us we had still had a fantastic view.

As anticipated on the 30th our spacious anchorage rapidly started to becoming more crowded. A party atmosphere was gradually building so we dug out our string of signal flags and ‘dressed’ Raya.

Raya dressed with flags for New Years Eve

All the activity in and outside the anchorage made it very bouncy, getting into the dingy was difficult, we did go to lunch in pretty Mosman Bay and visited a few friends on neighbouring yachts but mostly we sat and were entertained by the bedlam around us. As more and more boats tried to squeeze in, the light winds made everyone wander around their anchors. Badly anchored boats dragged, swung into each other and twisted around each others chains.

Many times we thought that no more boats could possibly fit in but we needed a new definition for crowded, as still more boats arrived. There were the occasional cross words and frequent standing on the bows, hands on hips, expressions implying “you must be joking that is way too close” but on the whole everyone was good naturedly accepting of the situation.

On the afternoon of the 31st we were joined by the Yollata crew, a family we originally met in Marquesas nearly two years ago, now land based they came to stay on Raya for the night. We had originally planned to raft with Moonshadow and all party together but the crowded and rough conditions made that too difficult but we did all get together for a great supper. A few too many champagnes later it was back to Raya to see 2018 in in style.


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